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Basically Tech offers a professional web design service

  • Using XHTML and CSS - web standards and guidelines developed by W3C - the World Wide Web Consortium
  • Hand-coded for clean, simple code - reducing size, speeding download times and easing maintenance
  • Dynamic web sites created using PHP and JavaScript
  • Tested on multiple browsers - your site will look the same whoever is looking at it.
  • Maintenance of existing sites

Whatever the size of your project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The default theme for this website is Two Suns, and there is another theme named Plain and Simple if the first hurts your eyes. This is a simple example of how the look and feel of a website can be changed through the use of stylesheets. Usually features like this are used to provide helpful extras to a website such as the option to increase the font size to assist the visually impaired.


A simple static web site will usually cost £550. The number of pages is irrelevant (within reason) as digital information can be copied and edited very easily. Please contact us for more information.


Examples of websites designed and maintained by Basically Tech.

Optimum Balance Amatsu

This website was designed for an alternative therapy practice. The design was liked so much that the customer used it as the basis for her business cards.

Hosted by BasicallyTech.

Exotic Trousers

This website comprises two main parts, a database-powered comics display combined with a searchable comics archive, and a database-powered weblog. The weblog has been customised to the clients' specific requirements.

Hosted by BasicallyTech.

Three Rivers Amatsu

The Three Rivers Amatsu website was based on an existing design owned by the client, but one which had been built using a software tool. By hand-coding this new design, BasicallyTech were able to reduce the page sizes (and hence, download times) to one-seventh of the size of the original website.

Hosted by BasicallyTech.

Joyce Hastings - Personal and Professional Coach

Joyce's website was built in collaboration with another design company. BasicallyTech are happy to work with other designers and in this case were able to offer the required coding skills to build the website to exact specifications.