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7 NVidia Linux root exploit?

Wednesday 18th October, 2006

There have been many reports of this exploit. Rapid 7 seems to have announced this first on Monday 16th October, and story was rapidly taken up by Slashdot and Kerneltrap. The Rapid7 report goes on to state:

This bug can be exploited both locally or remotely (via a remote X client or an X client which visits a malicious web page).

The worry concerning this particular exploit seems to have been exacerbated by several factors:

3 OpenNTPD on Linux

Wednesday 11th October, 2006

I like my desktop to show the correct time. As for my servers, I consider it essential. There are a number of solutions for this. Depending on your platform, these include:

The focus of this article is OpenNTPD running on Linux, although I imagine that much of this will be relevant for other supported operating systems.