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28 Your keyboard may harbour more germs than a toilet seat ...

Monday 4th December, 2006

This is an old article, but still interesting. Research from the University of Arizona showed that computer keyboards may have nearly seventy times as many germs as the average toilet seat. The figure for telephones was even higher, over 500 times as many germs. Hmm.


24 Sitting straight 'bad for backs'

Tuesday 28th November, 2006

An interesting read for desk-bound computer-users. Apparently sitting straight is not the best position for office workers.


13 How To Keep Good Posture When In Front Of A Computer

Monday 30th October, 2006

Some useful tips for those of us who spend much of the day in front of a computer screen.

Regarding point 3 (Minimize Reaching), I personally find keeping my arms extended to be more comfortable, so I have my keyboard and mouse quite far away from me.