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43 A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

Wednesday 31st January, 2007

This is a real eye-opener, a detailed analysis of Vista's DRM infection. The article is quite long, so you might be tempted to think, "Ah, forget it!" Before you dismiss it, have a quick look at the more important section titles:

  • Disabling of Functionality
  • Indirect Disabling of Functionality
  • Decreased Playback Quality
  • Elimination of Open-source Hardware Support
  • Elimination of Unified Drivers
  • Denial-of-Service via Driver/Device Revocation
  • Decreased System Reliability
  • Increased Hardware Costs
  • Increased Cost due to Requirement to License Unnecessary Third-party IP
  • Unnecessary CPU Resource Consumption
  • Unnecessary Device Resource Consumption

Believe me, if you intend to purchase Vista, or a PC with Vista installed on it, this is well worth the read.