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22 More Vista EULA insanity

Friday 24th November, 2006

Following from two earlier posts I made about Microsoft's EULA for the forthcoming Vista, here is another very interesting analysis of the product activation component of the EULA which will be a required agreement before members of the public can use the new OS.

Some choice quotes from the article:

The terms of the Vista EULA, like the current EULA related to the 'Windows Genuine Advantage,' allows Microsoft to unilaterally decide that you have breached the terms of the agreement, and they can essentially disable the software, and possibly deny you access to critical files on your computer without benefit of proof, hearing, testimony or judicial intervention.

(Emphasis added.)

... if you buy a license to the software from a reputable dealer, but choose not to transmit information to Microsoft, you forfeit your ability to use the licensed software
But the contract doesn't limit Microsoft to these disabling attributes. It just says that they have the right to limit your ability to use features - pretty much any features they decide to at any date. And guess what. You agreed to it.

The sad thing is that so many people are so apathetic about the whole that they'll just click on the "I agree" button without reading the EULA, or even caring what's in it.